What Is BioScan?

BioScan is a state-of-the-art device that provides detailed information about the functions of the organs in the body in a short time. BioScan gives information about the health status of the person in just 40 minutes. In medicine, there are base values ​​determined for each organ. Before the check-up, the person's organ kit information is sent to the device, and the results are compared with the required value. After this comparison, BioScan gives the physical result. This device can measure 31 primary values ​​and close to 500 values ​​in total.

BioScan is designed to measure:

  • -Liver function,
  • -Large bowel,
  • -Gallbladder function,
  • -Kidney function,
  • -Lung function,
  • -Brain nerve function,
  • -Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular,
  • -Gastrointestinal functions,
  • -Bone diseases,
  • -Bone mineral density,
  • -Rheumatic bone disease,
  • -Bone growth index,
  • -Blood sugar,
  • -Trace elements,
  • -Vitamins,
  • -Amino acids,
  • -Coenzyme,
  • -Endocrine system,
  • -Immune system,
  • -Thyroid gland,
  • -Homotoxins,
  • -Heavy metals,
  • -The general physical condition of the patient,
  • -Allergies,
  • -Body adiposity/obesity.


The BioScan device, which is used in leading clinics all over the world, makes a detailed evaluation in a few minutes, allowing the treatment process of the identified health problems to be planned faster.

The electromagnetic waves and frequencies produced by the BioScan device are transmitted to the skin as scalar waves of only a few millimeters. Scalar waves in the body are directed to areas of the body where they can naturally create resonances. As a result of this short process, physical results based on the parameter are revealed.

The device, which analyzes completely painlessly, analyzes the responses of all tissues of the body to the resonance frequency it creates during the measurement. In this way, it is possible to detect the presence of diseases in the energy field before they appear. This is very important in terms of preventing diseases.  

BioScan check-up doesn’t require blood or urine to analyze anything. In addition to being fast, reliable, and reproducible, this method is an innovative system that also provides detailed information about different parameters that cannot be recognized by blood analysis.