Scarlet S Treatment

With aging, the collagen tissue in the skin begins to decrease. As a result, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging, which are inevitable signs of aging, occur in the face and neck region. Scarlet S, also known as gold needle/gold needle radiofrequency, is effectively used in treating these problems. Scarlet-S aesthetic technology is a kind of non-surgical facial augmentation procedure. With this treatment, many skin problems are practically solved without the need for surgery. It is particularly preferred because it is doesn’t cost as much as surgery, has a short recovery time, and is a painless procedure. Scarlet-S is one of the devices with the highest potential to give positive results as it can fully transmit the radiofrequency energy to the target tissue.

Scarlet S may be used in:

  • -Skin rejuvenation,

  • -Lifting,

  • -Skin tightening,

  • - Neck and jawline clarification,

  • -Wrinkle treatment,

  • -Scar treatment,

  • -Inflammatory acne treatment,

  • -Pore treatment,

  • - Regulation of skin tone,

  • -Stain treatment

  • -Sebum balancing,

  • -Hyperhidrosis treatment,

  • -Arm lifting.

How Does Scarlet S Treatment Work?

Although aging is one of the main causes of skin deformities, it is not the only reason. Fatigue, insomnia, overwork, stress, unhealthy diet, alcohol and smoking, negative effects of sun rays, and various genetic factors also affect our skin negatively. As a result, many problems arise, from wrinkles to loss of elasticity and moisture of the skin. Avoiding all these is a big step towards having healthier and more beautiful skin. On the other hand, adequate skincare and a healthy diet also delay the effects of aging to some extent. FDA-approved Scarlet S gold needle radiofrequency therapy is the most effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation method today in combating signs of aging.

Radiofrequency technology has been used in ENT surgeries for years to reduce and tighten the nasal concha. After noticing that when radiofrequency energy was given to a tissue in a controlled manner, the tissue tightened, this treatment started to be used in medical aesthetic procedures as well. Scarlet S gold-needle radiofrequency device produces electromagnetic radiofrequency waves of 100 to 800ms and 2Mhz power. There are 25 gold-plated microneedles in the head of the device used in the treatment, and these needles can shoot from 0.5 to 3.5 mm depth. Thus, it is possible to transmit the radiofrequency energy from the skin surface of the patient to the lower parts of the skin.

Since Scarlet S treatment is performed under the influence of local anesthetic creams, the pain is minimized. The treatment can be applied to patients of all age groups, both men and women. Another advantage of this treatment is that the recovery time is short. There are no side effects observed after the procedure. Since it is applied with shock-free needle technology, complications such as redness, swelling, bruising, or bleeding do not develop, and there are no scars.