Stem Cell Therapy

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is used effectively in many areas from cancer treatment to medical aesthetic procedures. It is a known fact that the skin loses its moisture and shine with advancing age. As a result, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging appear in the face area. Stem cell therapy is successfully used in anti-aging skincare procedures to reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality. The treatment is carried out by injecting the stem cells taken from the patient into the targeted area. Stem cell therapy, which is a safe skin rejuvenation method, gives more permanent results compared to other medical aesthetic procedures applied for similar purposes.

Stem cell therapy is also an ideal procedure for those who have a hair transplant or suffer from weak hair follicles. With this treatment, it is possible to achieve more lush and healthy hair follicles. Stem cell therapy can be performed in addition to the hair transplant operation, but this process is not a type of hair transplant. It gives better results when performed as a supportive treatment after hair transplantation. Stem cell therapy is suitable for anyone who wants to have smooth, shiny, and silky hair.

What Is Stem Cell?

Stem cells can be obtained from many different organs and tissues in the human body. When used as a supportive treatment for hair transplantation, stem cells taken from adipose tissue are generally preferred. Stem cells can also be taken from the umbilical cord, bone marrow, blood tissue, and baby tooth. Stem cells do a decent job of repairing damaged hair, thanks to their ability to self-replicate, renew and replace. The stem cells, which can restore themselves and their environment, also refresh hair follicles. 

How Is Stem Cell Used in Hair Loss Treatment?

In the first stage of stem cell therapy, Hair stem cells are taken from the patient. This procedure is performed undee local anasthesia and taken an average of hair an hour. The resulting hair cells are filtered and undergo special treatment in a special device. After that, approximately 200.000-250.000 stem cells obtained are insected into the roots of weak and lifeless hair. 

Proliferated stem cells are injected into the scalp. Activated stem cells begin to repair hair strands and hair follicles. As a result of stem cell treatment, a lively and healthy appearance is obtained in the hair. The effect of the treatment is seen in about a month.

When stem cell and hair transplantation are performed together, no incision is made, so there is no scar. With stem cell treatment, the thinning in the front of the hair is easily destroyed. Stem cell therapy gives more permanent results when combined with PRP therapy.

Stem cell therapy allows patients to regain their confidence by permanently protecting against hair loss and preventing hair loss. Another advantage of stem cell therapy is that contributes positively to the treatment by accelerating the healing process when performed after hair transplantation.