Hair Transplant For Women

Although hair transplantation is an operation that is mostly performed on men, it is also performed on women when necessary. Causes of female pattern hair loss include malnutrition, stress, and hormonal irregularities. Hair plays a significant role in today's aesthetic forms. Hair loss and baldness are noticed at first glance. This situation negatively affects women psychologically. Female pattern hair loss is successfully treated with hair transplantation. 


How Is Hair Transplantation for Women Different?

The hair transplant procedure for women is slightly different from the hair transplant procedures for men. In hair transplantation for men, the hair is completely scraped. Thus, the collection of donors for hair transplantation and the realization of hair transplantation become easier. However, this procedure is not preferred since it can cause aesthetic problems in women. Hair transplantation takes place without shaving the hair. Instead, the hair from the nape is shaved, and hair follicles are collected from this area. In this process, not all of the hair is scraped; only regional donors are collected.