Dental Treatment

Toothaches that make daily life difficult are usually caused by tooth decay. The most effective solution for removing caries, the most common dental problem in society, is extracting problematic teeth. These problems are experienced a lot in societies that do not give sufficient importance to oral health. If toothaches, inflammations, tooth decay, and gum problems are not taken seriously, they will have worse consequences in the future. With dental treatments performed by specialist dentists, these risks are eliminated, and patients are provided with healthy teeth.

What Are the Basic Dental Treatments?

Tooth extraction: It includes permanent extraction of teeth that cannot be recovered and threatens oral health.

Periodontology: It covers procedures that fix all gum-related problems.

Pedodontics: Pediatric dentistry provides solutions to the dental problems of children between the ages of 0-13. Pedodontics is a separate branch of dentistry.

Orthodontics: It is a long-term procedure that treats and corrects tooth deformities and tooth alignment. During the treatment, the jaw structure is also intervened. Orthodontic treatments are performed in many different ways today. Metal or ceramic brackets, lingual braces, or clear aligners can be preferred according to the patient's age, condition of the teeth, and desire. All methods have their pros and cons. Depending on the technique and the seriousness of the problems, the treatment period may take six months to three years. 

Root canal treatment: It is the process of removing the damaged vessels and nerves after dental inflammation. Fillings and crowns can also be applied for an excellent result after root canal treatment.

Crowns, veneers, and bridges: These procedures aim to replace the missing teeth most aesthetically and naturally. Amalgam, zirconium, porcelain, or composite materials are used.

Implant treatment: It is operated by making an artificial tooth root on the jawbone to replace missing teeth in the mouth. Today, implant methods have been developed that can be applied even to completely edentulous patients. It is a long-lasting treatment method close to natural teeth.

Teeth whitening: It is the process that removes the color changes that occur in the structure and color of the teeth and restores them to their natural color. It can be done in two ways as home and office type with the bleaching method.