Orthodontic treatments are dental procedures that straighten crowded and misplaced teeth. Orthodontic treatment aims to correct all kinds of problems in the shape and arrangement of the teeth, by examining the structure of the mouth, teeth, and jaw, to correct these problems and get the teeth that the person wants.

The patient's jaw position and the presence of skeletal disorders in the jaw structure are some of the reasons for orthodontic problems. These problems mostly arise from habits like using bottles and pacifiers more than necessary and sucking the fingers during infancy. Milk teeth lost at an early age also cause the teeth to be misaligned.

How Do the Orthodontic Procedures Work?

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term procedure consisting of several stages. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the problems such as congestion, crowding, and crookedness in the patient's teeth in detail. Then the treatment process is planned. Hygiene is very important in orthodontic treatment. It should be checked whether there is caries in the mouth, and if there is, they should be treated first.

Today, metal brackets and braces are not the only options for patients who want to have orthodontic treatment. Although metal braces are very durable and useful, most patients do not want to use metal braces due to aesthetic concerns. Ceramic brackets and ceramic braces or lingual braces can be used instead. Ceramic brackets are not conspicuous as they are transparent in color. Lingual brackets, on the other hand, are not visible from the outside, as they are placed on the back surface of the teeth. The way all three treatment methods work is the same. However, metal brackets give results between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the level of tooth disorders, while this period is longer in other methods. Especially in lingual brackets, the treatment period can exceed 3 years.

Clear aligners are the innovative orthodontic treatment method that has become popular in recent years. Clear aligners, which are quite different from braces in terms of appearance, aim to fix the teeth by compressing them, just like other braces in terms of functioning. This method is especially preferred by adult patients.

Clear aligners have these advantages:

  • - It facilitates your treatment process with its ability to be put on and taken off whenever you wish.

  • - It is a painless and comfortable treatment compared to braces.

  • -The plates prepared according to your jaw size by your orthodontist adapt perfectly to your mouth.

  • -Clear aligners are not easily noticed from the outside. That is another advantage for patients in terms of aesthetics.