Fraxel Dual

Skin treatment with Fraxel dual is the newest technology skin rejuvenation method. The Fraxel dual system encourages the damaged cells in the skin to produce collagen and epithelium with laser technology.

Fraxel Dual, also known as carbon dioxide laser, is very effective in removing acne scars, sunspots, and other skin blemishes. The fractional laser also has a high success rate in stretch mark and wrinkle treatments.

How Does Fraxel Dual Work?

Today, there are many successful medical aesthetic treatments. However, some patients do not prefer procedures such as filling or botox, which are injection methods. For such patients, the Fraxel dual is a much more satisfactory treatment. There are two different Fraxel dual devices, Erbium, and Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide laser is used more because it offers a faster and more comfortable healing process compared to the other.

Fraxel Dual creates a controlled bruising in the subcutaneous tissue and then revitalizes the repair mechanism of undamaged cells under the skin. After the  treatment, the skin can be refreshed in two different ways:

  • -The skin refreshes itself depending on the peeling processes.

  • -The skin refreshes itself depending on the formation of new vessels.

The Fraxel Dual can be used in:

  • -Skin Blemish Treatment

  • -Aging Spots (Hyper pigmentation) 

  • -Acne and Scar Treatment

  • -Pore Treatment

  • -Vascular Treatment

  • -Wrinkle Treatment

  • -Stretch marks treatment.

The duration of Fraxel Dual treatment and the number of sessions vary according to the area to be treated. Usually, 2–4 sessions are performed at intervals of 4–6 weeks.

Since Fraxel Dual provides controlled damage to the tissue and provides controlled healing with the reaction of the tissue in return, the more often the applications are repeated, the faster the deformations are removed.

Are There Any Risks and Complications Involved in Fraxel Dual Treatment?

Fraxel Dual is a very popular skin treatment because it is a non-surgical and painless procedure, does not cause loss of facial expressions, and gives long-lasting results. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, it does not contain any serious risks or complications. The most important issue after the treatment is to protect the skin well against the sun. Even if high factor sunscreens are used, it is inconvenient to have laser treatment in summer. Winter or fall would be better to get a fractional laser treatment. Apart from that, redness and scabs may be seen on the skin for a few days after the procedure. These scabs shed spontaneously after a while. Regardless of the season, the use of sunscreen should not be interrupted.