Glutathione and Vitamin Serums

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced by the body. Glutathione provides the elimination of reactive oxygen in the body along with free radicals in the body. There are three amino acids in glutathione antioxidant: glutamine, cysteine, and glycine. The higher the Glutathione level in the body, the more people become healthier, more active, and resilient. Glutathione also enables the mitochondria, which is the energy center of the cells, to work better. 

By activating the antioxidants in the body, glutathione eliminates toxic and carcinogenic substances in our metabolism without damaging our cells and DNA. By transforming these substances into healthy cells, it protects our body from diseases such as cancer.

How Is Glutathione Therapy Performed?

Serums and treatments applied by injecting vitamin C into the body have been popular for many years. Vitamin C can show its effect much more strongly when it is combined with glutathione.

Glutathione therapy is a simple procedure performed by a specialist doctor in a clinical setting. The glutathione therapy procedure consists of direct intravenous administration of glutathione and vitamin C to the patient in serum. The procedure takes about 15 minutes on average and is painless. This therapy has no side effects and allows patients to continue their daily lives from where they left off. 

The number of sessions of Glutathione serum and vitamin C treatment needed varies by the age, body, and health status of the person. After the evaluation with the patient, it is determined how many sessions the treatment will start to respond to. Usually, the desired results are obtained in 4-12 sessions. Glutathione C therapy gives successful results when applied as a cure for five sessions a year, once a week in most patients. 

 Glutathione therapy is used in 

  • -The treatment of Alzheimer's disease, 

  • -Increasing the level of enzymes, proteins, and bilirubin in the blood,  

  • -The treatment of autism, 

  • -Preventing fatty liver, 

  •  -Preventing insulin resistance, especially in elders,

  • -The treatment of Parkinson's disease,  

  • -And the treatment of sleep apnea. 

Glutathione therapy promises a younger and more vibrant skin appearance. Besides all these, it also helps to remove toxic substances accumulated in the body due to smoking.